edwin regular tapered jeans blue unwashed rainbow selvage

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The ‘Made in Japan’ Collection offers a unique product with no direct competition in terms of quality, price point and a ‘Made in Japan’ provenance.Accommodating the more traditional aspects of the premium Japanese denim collection, the Regular Tapered Jeans are made from a 13.5oz Nihon Menpu or Kaihara, Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvage Denim Fabric, a modified version of an original Japanese silhouette with a sophisticated look and a comfortable fit.

Made in Japan

Regular Tapered Fit

Mid Rise

Contrasted stitchings

5 Pockets

100% pulp paper Patch on Back

Button Fly

13.5oz Nihon Menpu, Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvage


13.5oz Kaihara Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvage Denim

100% Cotton

Item Number: I030674 0199

Every Denim product will lose colour. This is caused due to the special indigo dyeing process. After several washes, the loss of colour will diminsih and eventually stop.

Wash separately and always inside out

Pay attention when sitting on light coloured surfaces

Be careful when wearing white coloured clothing or footwear

Body warmth may also cause color loss

Die 'Made in Japan'-Kollektion garantiert einzigartige Produkte, die in Bezug auf Qualität, Preis und ihre 'Made in Japan'-Herkunft keine direkte Konkurrenz haben. Die Regular Tapered Jeans entspricht den traditionelleren Aspekten der hochwertigen japanischen Denim-Kollektion, einer modifizierten Version einer original japanischen Silhouette mit einem raffinierten Look und einer bequemen Passform und wird aus einem 13,5 oz Rainbow Selvage Denim hergestellt.

13,5oz Kaihara Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvage Denim


13.5oz Kaihara Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvage Denim

100 % Baumwolle

Regular Tapered Fit

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100 % Zellstoffpapier Patch auf der Rückseite

Button Fly


Hergestellt in Japan

Artikel Nummer: I030674 0199