paraboot coraux lisse america marron
paraboot coraux lisse america marron
paraboot coraux lisse america marron
paraboot coraux lisse america marron


paraboot coraux lisse america marron


Paraboot having a generous sizing, we recommend you to select a half-size lower that your usual size.

Poiché Paraboot calza in modo generoso, ti consigliamo di prendere mezzo numero al di sotto della misura raccomandata.

This shoe features Blake stitching, also known as the sewn-through technique. In 1858 the young shoemaker Lyman Reed Blake invented this process while working for the sewing machine manufacturer Singer. It brought greater lightness to the shoe as well as elegnace and flexibility.

Plain leather

Homogeneous skin pressed with a smooth, warm plate.

Blake stitch construction for more flexibility and lightness

Genuine rubber sole

Our soles and heels are always made with the same vulcanization blends and processes as originally used in the long history of Paraboot.
Rubber develops the best of its physical and mechanical properties, namely comfort, flexibility and resistance to wear, even if the latter also depends heavily on the use and the wearer of the shoes.
Our rubber blends come from France, and are vulcanized on our presses in our Saint Jean de Moirans workshop.

Made in Spain

Some expertise no longer exists in France. To continue to offer this model, Paraboot entrusts its manufacturing to its Spanish partner, proof of professionalism and quality.

Country of tradition, Spain has been able to keep know-how and recognized expertise, for patinas or genuine welt moccasin. In addition, there are still wide ranges of machinery that expand the range of possibilities.

Mocassino vaschetta bordata semplice, con traversino.
Sfoderato modelo, cucitura interna ed esterna tipo blake su suola in vera gomma.