bertelles selvedge wide braces with buffalo leather ecru stripe on navy

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At Bertelles, we want to give you the best of our expertise and savoir-faire, but we also want to give you options. Your style is versatile and that’s why we decided to pair our Selvedge ecru braces not only with natural leather but also with this gorgeous deeper shade of cognac leather. As attention to details is something we pride ourselves upon, we matched these suspenders with brass finishes, to give it the perfect raw and authentic vibe. And because you shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort, these braces are made with a large elastic band, that we selected from a premium quality workshop in Belgium. They will be so easy to wear, you’ll forget you have them on until somebody reminds you…with a compliment. Yes, you should be prepared, they will ooze effortless cool and will attract the best kind of attention.

Colour: ecru stripe on navy

Size: 120cm

Width: 35mm

Grips: interchangeable brass clips with antique finishing and special leather straps on d-rings

Cognac leather details and embossed leather badge

Set of 6 Denim buttons (Made in Italy)