the social incident by philipp klammsteiner

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The Social Incident is a collection of works by Philipp Klammsteiner, created over the last five years, dealing with themes such as social networks and their surreal existence.
By reworking advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s, the illusion of “followers and likes” is portrayed, as they make false promises to the consumer. The images on wood, metal and canvas encourage the viewer to think and reflect on the emotional value attached to social networks. Klammsteiner’s artistic background in graffiti and street art influences the stencil and collage technique, as his favourite medium is still the spray can.
Philipp Klammsteiner, born in 1978 in Bolzano, is a graphic designer and graffiti artist. At the age of 14 he came across the underground graffiti scene. At the age of 17 he discovered his passion for graphic design, which eventually developed into his profession and today he lives out his creativity in his graphic design studio. Social media awareness is nothing more than a social accident. This statement defines a piercing journey of graffiti, collage and painting, surgically dissecting a place in time where the real and the virtual intersect. The works are accompanied by a story written by Katharina Theresa Mayr.

Author: Philipp Klammsteiner
Year: May 2022
Edition: 250 copies
Pages: 128
Format: Hard Cover

Language: English

Published by: franzLAB
Edited by: Südtiroler Künstlerbund SKB
Texts: Katharina Theresa Mayr
Introduction & Photography:
Philipp Klammsteiner
Graphic Design: Christoph Mich
Translation & Copy Editing: franzLAB / Alexis Wing
Printing: Medus